wtorek, 12 marca 2013

The Messiah - Prophecy Fulfilled

The Messiah: Prophecy Fulfilled. This movie dramatically presents the true meaning of the Passover/Pesach (Seder) dinner practiced by Jews around the world. The story takes place in Israel on the FIRST Passover following Yeshua's death. The Gospel is clearly revealed.

This drama shows how one Rabbi Yehudah (Nick Mancuso) becomes a true follower of Yeshua ha MASHIACH also known as Jesus Christ in greek. After the resurrection, being filled with the Holy Spirit, Rabbi Yehudah zealously embarkrs on a journey to share the Good News with his people.

He arrives in his hometown, precisely one year after the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of the Messiah. Now, his greatest challenge is to convince his own family (father, mother, brothers and sisters) that the long awaited Messiah has finally come. Through the Feast of Passover (the Seder dinner), spoken of in Torah by Moses, the Rabbi powerfully presents its prophetic nature and fulfillment in Yeshua of Nazareth.

Uczniowie łowią ryby...

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